Bizarre Boy to Trick-or-Treat as Local Assemblyman Phil Steck

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published October 30th, 2016

8-year-old Glenn Minsk of Rotterdam dressed in his Phil Steck halloween costume.

ROTTERDAM — Helga and Dennis Minsk have always known their introverted 8-year-old son, Glenn, was a strange child.

But they did not realize how strange until the bespectacled young man announced to his parents that he wanted to dress as state Assemblyman Phil Steck on Halloween.

"Can I mom? Please!"  Glenn pleaded to Helga, adding he wanted to “send a message” to his classmates by trick-or-treating as "someone with a real chance to make a fucking difference in our dreary lives."

Steck, an attorney and Harvard-educated Democrat from Loudonville, has long been an inspiration to the boy, who told the Smudge his costume would be “really, really swell."

For her part, Helga Minsk acknowledged she’s concerned about her son, asking “why can’t my Glenn be normal like other kids? Why can’t he be Batman for Halloween?”

But her husband, who works for the telephone company, assured his wife that Glenn’s odd behavior was merely “just a phase.”

Glenn said while he deeply admires Steck, he actually considered trick-or-treating as Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara of Rotterdam “to honor that noble town,” as well as Assemblyman James Brennan of Brooklyn, whom the boy excitedly explained chairs the Assembly committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions.

“They are all quality individuals,” said the boy.

But Glenn was ultimately swayed toward Steck after he read in the legislator’s biography that the assemblyman is also 1984 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where Steck was a member of Law Review and Penn's Moot Court team.

“That is just really boss,” the boy said. “Phil’s a wonderfully exciting man.” 

Augie Daniels, a spokesman for Steck, said the assemblyman appreciated the child’s support.

“We think it’s great,” Daniels said. “We think more kids should go out on Halloween as members of the state Legislature.”

But the children in Glenn’s class were less enthused.

“Glenn is a loser,” said Cathy Brandenbeak, 8.

“Let’s beat his ass with a Steck,” added Aldo Gunodocchio, 9.

"None of the other kids in my class like Glenn at all," said his teacher, Dorothy Maplebug. "Now we know why. He’s a very weird boy."


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