Snubbed Bethlehem Mom Starts Support Group

By Scott Salad

Published November 6th, 2016

Stick figures made out of foam hold hands in this silly, public domain image of a support group.

BETHLEHEM—A target in the recent rash of mass snubbings that have swept through this bucolic Albany suburb has decided it's time to reach out and make a difference.

Marsha Cluzzy, 38, has been systematically ignored by friends and acquaintances since December, and, now, she's starting a support group for other victims.

“I've never felt so alone,” said the distressed mother of two. “No one talks to me anymore. But I hear the whispers behind my back, the rumors. It's been a terrible time.”

The snubbings began after Cluzzy sent her children to school with unapproved snacks, prompting Bethlehem’s Naturally Gifted Children's Academy to close for three days as Hazardous Material Response technicians from the Environmental Protection Agency scoured the facility for tree nut and mango-related residue.

“I sent my kids in with homemade brownies,” Cluzzy admitted. “Now no one will talk to me.”

Since then, 15 families have stepped forward claiming they too have been shunned for living outside Bethlehem's norms.

“We're being ostracized because National Grid has labeled us the most efficient people in our neighborhood,” said Todd Greenspoon of Massengil Way. “Apparently that's pissing a lot of people off.”

“Our neighbors stopped talking to us because we keep encouraging an ice cream truck,” added Madeline Pilfer, a resident of Caucasus Ridge. “My kids like ice cream. What's the big deal?”

In wake of the snubbings, several media outlets hosted a town hall meeting in August. Unfortunately for victims, the event did little to alleviate their suffering.

“Somehow — gee, I wonder how — we weren't told there was going to be a meeting. So — gee, I wonder why — none of us showed up,” said Cluzzy. “Not that it would have mattered. They wouldn't have let any of us talk anyway.”

Instead of giving up, Cluzzy said she turned to prayer.

“I was like, 'God, what is my mission here?' He told me I should create an environment where victims can provide emotional help, advice and encouragement to one another. So that's what I'm doing.”

A former friend of Cluzzy's feigned confusion when told of the support group.

“I don't know who this Cluzzy woman is,” said Candice Dice-Clay. “But if I did I would tell you that she's a whore with average children and a husband with wandering eyes, and that you should steer clear of her.”

The 'So You've Been Snubbed in Bethlehem' support group will begin meeting in January.


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