George Amedore Wins Deep-Fried Turkey Lookalike Contest

By Leslie Carp

Published November 20th, 2016

ALBANY — State Sen. George Amedore is this year’s winner of the annual New York State Deep-Fried Turkey Tan-Off, a beauty pageant for tanned and bronzed men in the Empire State.

"We love that Amedore is a man's man. His tan was on fleek when he was fighting with that Broccoli chick, Niccoli, whatever her name is," said head celebrity judge, Nicole Polizzi, aka ‘Snooki.’ 

The Deep-Fried Turkey Tan-Off is one of the oldest surviving men’s beauty pageants in the United States, drawing thousands of spectators to Albany each November. Competitors participate in a variety of events intended to show off as much of their golden, crispy bodies as possible. The Speedo posing event and “Magic Mike” dance-off are particular fan favorites among female viewers.

Still, despite it’s popularity, the event is not without controversy. Recently, the pageant has been threatened with boycott from skin cancer survivors and freckly Irish-American interest groups, who claim the competition is inherently biased against the pale-skinned.

Amedore, a native of Schenectady County, beat out several previous winners of the pageant, including former Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings and Troy’s ex-City Council President Rodney Wiltshire. He also edged out — by just a handful of votes — construction CEO Rocco Manicotti, whose famously blockaded Trump sign is responsible for the crash in Loudonville property values.

Manicotti, who will receive a deep-fried turkey from Price Chopper as a consolation prize, did not handle the loss gracefully, and was ejected from the premises after screaming, “Build the wall!” at the store’s cleaning crew.

“This pageant is proof that racism is dead in America,” said Kim Kardashian West, who flew in from Los Angeles to sit on the panel of celebrity judges. “Brown is beautiful and white is not right. Just look at my husband and his beautiful tan.”


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