Trump Tweets About Closure of Latham’s Chicago-Style Pizza Chain

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published November 27th, 2016

COLONIE — The Pizzeria Uno restaurant in Latham closed unexpectedly Nov. 20, sending President-elect Donald Trump into a maniacal diatribe on Twitter about the dearth of deep-dish pizzerias in upstate New York.

“How about some equal time for us people who like Chicago-style pizza?” Trump tweeted at 4 a.m.  “There's none anywhere up there. What the fuck is up with that? BAD!"

Trump blamed the "failing New York Times “ for the closure of the pizza eatery.

"Crooked media is destroying our pizza. I have tried to meet with the NY Times in my favorite Uno in Latham, but Crooked Media would not meet me," Trump tweeted. "Not nice!"

Mack Dackerson, a spokesman for the pizza chain, told The Albany Smudge he never saw the future president in the restaurant.

“I thought he lived in New York City and Florida? We have stores closer to the president-elect that I think he would find quite delicious,” the spokesman said.  “He could eat at our Crossgates Mall location if he wanted to, as well.”

Trump, upon reading Dackerson’s remarks, Tweeted: “WRONG! I know pizza better than Dickface Dackerson, believe me!”

Dackerson acknowledged the closing of the Latham store was a “bummer” for employees.  

“Still, it’s not like us closing impacted anybody’s Thanksgiving right? I mean, who goes to Pizzeria Uno for Thanksgiving?” he asked.  “They would have to be a real turkey.”


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