Albany Man’s New Facebook Profile Photo Wowing Viewers

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published December 4th, 2016

ALBANY — A city man attracted a personal-best 91 "likes" on Facebook last week after changing his profile picture to a photo of himself smiling.

August Bench, 27, looked "downright likable" in the photo taken in the living room of his friend, amateur photographer Patrick Jeffers, witnesses said.

"It was too nice of an image of August not to use," said Jeffers, 30, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who has known Bench since both men were ridiculed in first grade in Delmar. "I think it speaks to the kind of person he is."

Bench, a state worker and admitted beer snob, was formerly using a photo of himself and his dog, Shepp, and a bottle of homemade brew. That profile picture — which attached a then-personal record 55 "likes" — had not been changed in two years.

"The Shepp picture with the beer was great. It was time, though. You got to switch it up," said Mindungus Fletcher, a casual friend who is in a fantasy baseball league with Bench. 

In the new profile picture, Bench looks "very together," said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

"The city of Albany is proud to have citizens like August Bench who are open to change," the mayor said in statement.  "We believe change is good."

But not everyone was happy with Bench’s new photo. Mark Gallahad posted a comment on Facebook that said: 

"This picture is OK, but we miss Shepp. Bring back the dog! LOL!"

"I miss the beer," wrote Ian Fadfly, who works with Bench.  "Still, you look like a million bucks, Augie. Keep up the great work. Let's grab lunch tomorrow maybe?"

Bench, who declined to comment for this story through a spokesman, has not ruled out a return to the old profile picture down the road. 


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