Watervliet Woman Lands Man With Job

By Fred Furnace

Published December 4th, 2016

McGreggio's new boyfriend may or may not work at the
Watervliet Arsenal.

WATERVLIET – A Watervliet woman claims to have “hit the dating jackpot” by landing a new beau with a steady job.

Gina McGreggio, a single-mother to three horribly behaved children, made the claim Saturday night via Facebook. She said her new man also has no current drug addictions, STDs, or outstanding warrants.

“He’s a dream come true,” she said.

Indeed, based on comments left on McGreggio’s Facebook page, she is already the envy of the neighborhood.

“I didn’t know Watervliet men could get full-time jobs,” commented friend Tina Lewis. “I’ve slept with almost every guy in town and not one was employed. And all were drug addicts. This is unbelievable news, Gina! You go girl!”

“Wow, Gina – that’s amazing,” wrote another friend, Wendy Archambault. “Sounds like a keeper! But if he gets bored with you, please send him over to me!”

Friends said this isn’t the first time good fortune has hit the McGreggio household. Gina’s older brother, Trent, reportedly married a woman “who wasn’t pregnant or anything,” and even had a few credits towards an Associate’s Degree.

“That family is just blessed, I guess,” said Watervliet Mayor Mike Fanning. “There aren’t too many people in this town with jobs. The McGreggios are an inspiration to us all."

McGreggio says she is grateful for the well wishes that have been “pouring in” on Facebook, but added that she is not ready to reveal the identity of her Prince Charming just yet.

“It’s for his own safety,” she said. “Since he has a job, I don’t want any of my deadbeat friends hitting him up for money or nothing.”

But some of McGreggio's friends aren’t convinced this new boyfriend really exists.

“Honestly, I think she’s made this whole thing up,” said an acquaintance who asked not to be identified. “I mean, a guy from Watervliet with a job and no STDs? I don’t buy that for a minute.”


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