Albany Hipster 'Tagged' Out at Olive Garden

By Quack Davis

Published December 11th, 2016

The sun goes down on local hipster Sasha Mackler after he was outed on Facebook for enjoying
unlimited breadsticks at a local Olive Garden.

ALBANY — A family dinner at the Olive Garden was one visit too many for a downtown Albany hipster, who was quickly excommunicated from his circle of hipster friends who learned of his visit to the Wolf Road chain restaurant.

The mother of Sasha Mackler, 22, of Lancaster Street, tagged him Saturday in a Facebook post eating the "Tour of Italy," prompting a harsh reaction from the hipster community at large.

"Enjoy your corporate-welfare dinner, Sasha. You’ve been unfriended!" tweeted Nicol McBugel, 21, who sports fuzzy orange hair.

"#TRAITOR," wrote Mary Anne Weeburger, 23, a pot fiend and ardent supporter of ex-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"Olive Garden? Really?" asked Andy "Hotmail" Jackabee, 23.

Mackler said he only went to Olive Garden because it was his mother's birthday.

"C'mon dudes," Mackler tweeted back.

After dinner, Mackler drove into one of the worst neighborhoods in Albany and checked out apartments as a way to "cleanse my mind."

"Kinda funky... kinda cool. Liking me some South End," Mackler wrote on Facebook. "Need me some jazz funk."

But the damage was done.

"You're over," downtown Albany hipster leader Michael Orleans, 47, responded. "Move on, baby killer."


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