Albany Man Avoids Speaking with Co-Worker at Mall

By Quack Davis

Published January 8th, 2017

ALBANY — A 46-year-old city man avoided eye contact recently with a person he knows from his job while shopping at Crossgates Mall, the Smudge has learned.

Douglas Steams positively identified co-worker Marvin Bargain on line at Subway in the mall food court. But rather than converse, he ducked his head and walked away.

"It's not that I dislike Bargain. I just don't really know him that well," Steams told friends. "What were we going to talk about?"

Steams said he took an Amtrak train to New York City last summer and wound up speaking to another casual work acquaintance for two hours.

"It was hell," Steams explained.  "I don't want to ever go through that again."

Unfortunately for Steams, Bargain's wife, Barbara, eyed him near the food court.  

She and Steams' wife, Julie, 39, are in the same yoga class and insiders said the women talk about their children and have become Facebook friends. As a result, Barbara Bargain recognized Douglas Steams from photographs his wife shares on the social media site.

"Babe, I think I saw Julie's husband over by Subway. You guys work together right?" Barbara Bargain asked her husband, who works with Steams at the U.S. Department of Humidity in downtown Albany. "He's kinda odd, eh?"

"Wait, Doug Steams is here? Get out of town," Marvin Bargain, 49, replied.  "Nah, he's a good egg. We're good friends. I'm sure Doug would have stopped over. Maybe it wasn't him? That doesn't sound like Doug Steams to me, babe."

"Nah, babe, it's him.  Gotta be. Julie totally just 'checked-in' on Facebook at BestBuy," Barbara Bargain, 48, told her husband.  'He dissed you, babe."

Marvin Bargain, known for his understanding nature, laughed off the snub and told his wife it must have been “accidental.” But a source close to Bargain said his feelings were, in fact, hurt because he considers Steams one of his “best guy friends" at work.

"This situation bears watching," the source told the Smudge.  "Marvin is a wonderful man, but he was dissed and nobody wants to get dissed. What was Steams thinking? Just say hi to the guy. Marvin is extremely friendly. He's a big lug. He probably would have bought Doug a foot-long."


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