WNYT Adds 39th Meteorologist To News Team

By Dodie Fingerton

Published January 15th, 2017

Meteorologist Glen Dimple will be bringing his smug good looks to WNYT on Friday.

ALBANY — WNYT has taken a commanding lead in the race for the local news team with the most meteorologists on staff after hiring its 39th weatherman on Monday.

Glen Dimple, formerly of WSTM in Syracuse, will join the staff for Friday night's “First Warning Forecast,” which most Capital Region residents agree will contain at least one G-rated version of the metaphor “colder than a witch’s tit.”

“We want to welcome Glen Dimple to the Albany area,” said Program Director Guy Pierce. “He's been killing it with the lake effect weather models in the 'Cuse, so we believe there's plenty to be excited about.”

The public's reaction on social media, however, seemed to suggest otherwise.

“I know it sounds like the setup to a Pollock joke,” tweeted Albany-area comedian Skip McBugel, “but how many assholes does it take to forecast the weather in Albany anyway?”

“I hope this guy's got a good schtick because we already have a ‘Skiing Weatherman’ and a guy who really likes cats and dogs,” Amsterdam's Paul Lynde wrote on Facebook.

As WNYT's margin widens, it remains to be seen what effect the hiring will have on competing local affiliates.

WRGB currently sits in second place with 32 meteorologists on staff, while Fox-23 and WNYT lag behind with 28 and 22, respectively. Capital 9, meanwhile, says it has no plans to stop consulting their lone cameraman's Dark Sky app.


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