Muslim Ban Impacting No One in Galway, NY

By Fred Furnace

Published February 5th, 2017

GALWAY — As most of the nation rages over President Trump’s controversial executive order banning travel between the United States and several Muslim nations, there is at least one corner of the world not feeling even the slightest impact: Galway.

Residents of the miniscule Saratoga County town — home to approximately 3,500 people and with nearly zero racial or cultural diversity to speak of — say the town has "never had even so much as a whiff” of a Muslim person seeking entry through its borders.

“This executive order won’t impact us at all,” said life-long Galway resident Michael Mulch. “I’ve never even met a Muslim person.”

“Are you sure Muslim people are even a real thing?” asked another Galway native, Kenneth Whitworth. “I’ve only ever seen them on TV, and I’m pretty sure those people were just actors.”

Grace Mickleton said she has lived in Galway for 62 years and has “never met anyone that wasn’t white and English-speaking.”

“If you have met one person in Galway, you have met them all,” she said.

Experts say they are not at all surprised by the order's lack of impact on the town, given the Census data shows Galway as being “one of the whitest, least-diverse places on the face of the earth.”

“It might as well be a ban on Martians,” said SUNY Political Science Professor Jamal Musgrove. “Martians, Muslims; the impact on Galway would be exactly the same.”

“Delmar, too,” he noted.

According to government travel records reviewed by the Smudge, no resident in the history of Galway has ever sought travel to the Middle East or Africa, let alone any of the seven specific countries banned by the president’s order.

“This is more of a Lake George or Florida vacation crowd, if you know what I mean,” Musgrove said. “Maybe the Jersey beaches. But a ban on traveling to Muslim countries? Won’t impact these people in the least.”


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