Trump Moves to Deport Cuomo

By Cecily Bapp

Published February 5th, 2017

ALBANY — President Trump — acceding to Andrew Cuomo’s dramatic call to “Deport Me!” — has set in motion a plan to deport the governor of New York by week’s end.

In a speech given last week in protest of Trump’s controversial immigration policy, Cuomo dramatically implored that he be exiled from the United States and deported to another land.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Trump quipped when questioned by the press. “Isn’t this what he wanted? Life is about opportunities. I grabbed hold of this opportunity to make America greater.”

Trump prioritized the deportation of Cuomo, including it in his ’First 14 Days Priority List’. (See ‘Trump’s 100 First Days — an Insider’s Guide to America’s Future.’)

Cuomo’s call to ‘Deport me!’ created a quandary for immigration officials, as the governor was born in the United States and his distant relatives in Sicily are disinterested in accepting him, particularly since he doesn’t understand even the vaguest thing about Italy, Europe or international affairs.

Meanwhile, faced with the potential deportation of the state’s top official, Albany lawmakers have stepped in to block Trump’s plan and have agreed, instead, to  exile Cuomo to the North Country on an extended scenic trip aboard a Lake Champlain ferry dubbed the ‘Ice Breaker.’

Should that option be unavailable due to global warming, the Legislature approved a ‘Plan B,’ that calls for Cuomo to be sent to a secret, alternative residence down on Pearl Street.


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