Local Weatherman, Glen Dimple, Dies in Sinkhole Plunge

By Pug Ransom

Published February 19th, 2016

TROY — A local television weatherman’s roller-coaster life has come to a sudden and tragic end.

Glen Dimple — who came to the Albany TV news market after a short but impressive career in Syracuse, where his work with lake-effect snow models had become legendary throughout the Salt City — was killed Saturday when he fell into a sinkhole while panhandling in Troy.

He was 30 years old.

“Fucking Dimple, that guy was as unpredictable as the upstate weather,” said Lee Harvey Oswald, a Rensselaer County Jail inmate who recently shared a cell with Dimple. “Goes to show you that you never really know what the man upstairs has in store for you. One day, you’re making a batch of toilet wine, and the next day, you’re dead.

“Two weeks ago, I would have bet money that he’d end up getting shivved,” Oswald said. “But a sinkhole? Well, that’s Troy for you. Shit, the infrastructure is so bad in this city you’re safer in jail.”

Dimple came to the Capital Region in early January. He worked for both the local ABC and CBS affiliates, but was then abruptly terminated following an evening newscast in late January for making fart sounds while reporting on breezy weather. He was then charged the following week by Troy police with petit larceny, resisting arrest and possession of a meth pipe after trying to steal a Berkshire Smoked Ham from the Food Carnival in Lansingburgh.

“Something inside him just snapped,” said Dimple’s mentor, Stormy Lewis, now retired from the local TV weather game after 40 years in broadcasting. “It’s like the weather earlier this month: One day it’s 60 degrees outside, the next day there’s a snowstorm. There is just no explanation for some things.”

Friends told the Smudge Dimple had been experiencing financial trouble ever since posting bail. He was often seen walking up and down Second Street panhandling, and pretending to be blind.

Ironically, it was while feigning blindness Saturday that Dimple failed to see a sign warning pedestrians about a nearby sinkhole. He then stepped into the crater and plunged to his death.

“Karma’s a bitch, huh?” Oswald laughed. “Now, if you excuse me, I need to go blow the guy in Cell Block D in exchange for some Ramen noodles.”


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