Bethlehem Family Sued For Serving Kid Non-Organic Birthday Cake

By Fred Furnace

Published March 12th, 2017

BETHLEHEM — A child’s birthday party ended in trauma for a Bethlehem mom this past weekend, when she discovered the birthday cake served to her naturally gifted son was made with non-organic ingredients and likely included artificial colors and flavorings.

Natalie Wilkes-Harrison, a self-described “super mom,” was left “traumatized and emotionally distraught” after her 6-year-old son, Jackson, unwittingly downed the slice of “toxic and poisonous cake” while attending a classmate’s birthday party at a local trampoline park, according to court filings.

The lawsuit also claims that little Jackson’s “physical and intellectual development” may be stunted by virtue of the birthday boy’s "tortious conduct.”

“For six years, I have maintained an all-natural, organic, gluten-free, nut-free, non-GMO diet for Jackson,” Wilkes-Harrison said. “The thought of Jackson unwittingly eating cake containing Red Dye #40 — and God knows what else — makes me die a little on the inside.”

The defendants in the lawsuit — Mitchell and Ellen McCumberbund, and their 6-year-old son, Timmy — deny any wrong doing, claiming they simply purchased a Batman-themed birthday cake from a local supermarket and that all the kids “seemed to really enjoy it.”

“This whole lawsuit seems a little overboard,” Mitchell McCumberbund told the Smudge. “But it comes with the territory when you live in Bethlehem. We have standards here, after all.”

Wilkes-Harrison is seeking an unspecified amount in “compensatory and punitive damages,” as well as an injunction permanently barring the McCumberbunds from serving birthday cake "unless purchased from Whole Foods or otherwise certified as containing non-GMO ingredients."

“It’s not about the money,” Wilkes-Harrison said. “I just don’t want any other naturally gifted Bethlehem children and their families to go through the hell that Jackson and I have had to endure.”

Legal experts say the lawsuit would likely be tossed as “frivolous” in most other jurisdictions, but not in a place like Bethlehem.

“If this woman can get a jury of her peers,” said one expert, “she may just walk away with a few million dollars.”


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