A Smudge State Budget Analysis

Hard-Working New Yorkers Say Taxes ‘Relieve Us of the Burden of Savings’

By Cecily Bapp

Published April 16th, 2016

ALBANY — Grateful New Yorkers agree: State government knows better than they when it comes to spending their money, and they’re relieved Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature will ensure their tax dollars are spent on worthy causes that benefit everyone. 

Throughout the last week, courageous lawmakers in Albany were hard at work during this latest state budget negotiation, preparing bills with the aim of improving New Yorkers’ quality of life and draining every last dollar from the wallets of stubborn, ornery, oblivious state residents.

After all, each and every special group imaginable, as defined and designated by the current administration, is in urgent need of additional funding, and it’s up to New Yorkers to provide it through tax initiatives and increases. 

“There remained a few items, services and activities still untaxed in the great state of New York, and our goal was to address those gaps,” explained Noel Gallagher, a Cuomo spokesperson. “I think we’ve succeeded.”

A UAlbany poll shows New Yorkers agree, and are anxious to fork more over in taxes — even if it means depriving themselves of the chance to buy a home, a car, or send their children to college.

Lifelong New York state resident Cagney Stewart was overcome with emotion when he explained how increased taxes affect him and his family: 

“Of course I’m glad to pay,” he said. “I feel like an enormous burden has been lifted off my back. 

“If I didn’t pay more in taxes to the state, I might save money,” Stewart added. “It would start to accumulate. I count on Gov. Cuomo and the Albany legislators to take that money off my hands, and to incentivize me to earn more. Thank you, Andy!”


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