Skidmore Students Prepare to ‘Put it All Out There’

By Cecily Bapp

Published April 23rd, 2017

Chrissy Dingle, a 9-year-old townie whose mom laid claim to this pile of trash disposed of by a
wealthy Skidmore student, guards her family's new possessions.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — As the end of another year approaches and Skidmore students prepare to vacate their dilapidated, over-priced apartments, they face an annual quandary: What to do with all their shit?

Landry Galagarin, who’s just finishing up his junior year, is typical of Skidmore College students who rent their quarters off campus, and who must dispose of all the crap they managed to accumulate in 10 short months overnight.

“I am headed home to Boston for the summer, and next semester I am studying abroad,” explained the Exercise Science major.

‘Land Mine,’ as he is know to his companions, has accumulated an array of household goods, furniture — including a baby grand piano — and a feral cat named ‘Mitsy,’ since moving into his 4th floor walk-up in what passes for a ‘student ghetto’ in Saratoga Springs. His roommates, International Studies majors Mohammad ‘Mad Dog’ McGill and Napoleon Kenyasa, are in a similar predicament, also left to figure out what to do with all their perfectly good shit.

So, in Skidmore tradition, Land Mine and his companions will be taking it to the streets, putting all their unwanted belongings out on the curb to be picked over and carted away by industrious townies.

“I have an Audi A4 , and I have enough room for my duffle bag, Mitsy and her litter box,” said Land-Mine. “I also could probably fit  my rad classic turntable and some jazz records I picked up in Montreal. The rest of my stuff I’m putting out on the street, so it can be naturally recycled among the locals. They have jobs and shit, but not enough money to buy furniture, let alone a baby grand.”

Asked whether it bothers him to give away so many of his possessions, Land Mine shrugged.

“My mother went nuts at Ikea, and now I have enough furniture for a family of five. So, I’m just putting it out there into the great stream of humanity. I’m not worried. My Mom will buy me more stuff when I need it.”


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