Columbia County to Sponsor ‘Running with the Dairy Cows’

By Cecily Bapp

Published May 7th, 2017

COLUMBIA COUNTY — Thrill seekers and milk enthusiasts alike will have a chance to risk it all while ‘Running with the Cows’ this Mothers’ Day in Columbia County.

Modeled after the infamous ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona, Spain, event organizers said the spectacle is sure to delight even the most lactose intolerant.

Columbia County officials are launching the event as part of an economic development plan to attract tourists to a place that is almost completely lacking in any arts, culture or entertainment, and which is snowbound 10 out of 12 months of the year.

“We have to start somewhere. We admit that. This is an alternative to another shitty local fair or some fifth-rate circus. And anyone can keep up with these cows,” said Columbia County spokesperson Sarah Guyette.

“Originally we planned it for the summer. You know, July? When the bulls run. But we can’t get these girls moving in the hot weather. Even now it’s going to take some doin’ for them to work their way up to a trot. This is a pretty low-energy bunch.

“The only time they pick up the pace is if it’s the end of the day, and they know there is grain in their stalls,” Guyette added. “Even then, the best they do is a brisk walk.”

Randall LeFroigue, who operates a 'Dairy of Distinction' in Columbia County, was practical as he told The Smudge about the challenges of organizing a run with pregnant and/or lactating cows.

“We realize it’s not as exciting as Pamplona, but it is humane, and fun for the whole darn family,” he said. “At least during this, no one gets hurt. Everyone goes home happy. Even the cows.”


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