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Inga Svenson-Olaffson’s 20 Questions With: Albany Writer Clancy Miner

Published May 21st, 2017

ALBANY — Since starting this feature a short while ago, I have always wanted to interview Clancy Miner to learn just what makes this local travel writer and all-around dynamo tick.

Unfortunately, Clancy isn’t an easy man to pin down, which is why we’ve had to settle for profiles on 518 celebrities such as local entrepreneur Matt Baumgartner and irresistible cutie pie Kelly Lynch.

Sure, Matt and Kelly were more than sufficient. But neither represents the White Whale that is Clancy Miner.

Well, my friends, persistence has finally paid off. After nearly three months of emails, phone calls, text messages and standing outside his window with a boom box playing In Your Eyes, I’ve landed the Big Fish. 

Are you excited as I am? Here are 10 things you never knew about the one and only Clancy Miner:

1. I’ve been mugged in almost every city in New York state, including Schenectady, Troy and Watervliet. It’s true what they say: People really are the same everywhere!

2. I’m worried I have early-onset Alzheimer’s. I keep finding used condoms in my wife Elsie’s purse, but I never recall putting them there.

3. San Francisco, Chicago, the Big Apple… all great cities, for sure. But my favorite is Utica. Chicken riggies and the Sangertown mall in the same town? Forgeddaboudit!

4. My family’s name is really Miners. But in 1922, it was changed to Miner because no one was sure of how to spell the possessive form. I mean, do you just simply add an apostrophe after the ‘s,’ or add both an apostrophe and then another ‘s’?

5. My son and erstwhile traveling companion, Dean, loves car rides. I never knew that. But the other day I found his diary and he wrote all about how much he enjoys ‘cruising.’

6. Speaking of Dean, did you know he’s an actor? I haven’t seen any of his films just yet, but from what I understand, he does a lot of work with wildlife because his diary also made mention of numerous Internet videos in which he appears with Bears and Otters.

7. My wife often suffers from painful sores and rashes around her private area. I wonder if it’s from the minerals in our town’s water supply, because rumor has it, a few of the guys on my street have the same condition. Strange. Anyway, thank God I have a strong immune system.

8. Without question, my favorite town in the 518 is Clifton Park. So much character; so much culture. I just can’t get enough!

9. My least favorite community, meanwhile, is Menands. The place smells like scrambled eggs and fart. What’s with that?

10. I’m not the only one in my family who loves to travel. Nearly every weekend my wife goes on a little getaway with her friend, Ron. Good for her! I’ve always encouraged her to pursue her interests.


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