Most Illegal Immigrants Oppose Troy’s Bid to Become Sanctuary City

By Fred Furnace

Published June, 4th 2017

Photo illegally swiped from some guy posing as Matt Wade

TROY — Protesters held a demonstration outside Troy’s city hall Friday, seeking to convince the mayor and city council to declare Troy a “Sanctuary Community” for illegal immigrants.

But while the city’s leadership says it will consider the request, the effort is facing strong opposition from an unlikely group: illegal immigrants whom the measure would protect.

“Do we really need to inflict on these poor people the further indignity of having to spend time in Troy?” asked immigration advocate Fernando Valenzuela. “We appreciate that these liberal do-gooders are trying to help, but, really, haven’t illegal immigrants suffered enough?

“Places like Clifton Park or Saratoga — now those would be kick-ass Sanctuary Cities,” he said. “But Troy? That’s just going from bad to worse.”

“Troy is not safe,” agreed one high-ranking member of the violent El Salvadoran street gang, MS-13, who asked not to be identified out of fear that “those thugs from Troy might find me and beat my ass.”

“I'd rather risk deportation to my native El Salvador than spend my time in Troy,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, El Salvador is awful. But at least the economy is a little better, and the local government isn’t as corrupt. And the streets have far fewer potholes.”

The anti-Troy sentiment seems to be common among illegal immigrants throughout the Capital Region.

“I’d definitely take deportation over Troy,” said Alriqi Al Shabaz Al Bactari, or “Al” as his friends call him.

“It’s just gross there, man,” said the dishwasher from Sudan. “Sure, maybe there is a decent restaurant or two along the river these days, but, otherwise, that place is completely unlivable.”

Despite the opposition from the area’s illegal immigrant population, the pro-Sanctuary advocates say they are undeterred in their efforts.

“Yeah, we get it, Troy sucks and not even the illegals want to spend time there,” said Billy Markus, spokesperson for the Democratic Socialists of the Capital Region. “But we are trying to stick it to Trump, and Troy was the only city that would grant us a permit. So, we march on.”


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