Cecily Bapp

Cecily Bapp hails from the high peaks of Stockholm and earned her degree in journalism at Braunschweig University of the Arts in Germany. She enjoyed a successful career in the Swedish International Women’s Basketball League, retiring after a fatal knee injury ended her passion for the sport. Cecily now lives in Albany with her brood of 12 Chihuahuas, and earns a handsome living breeding the miniature dogs professionally.


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Cuomo Pins Blame on Trump For Cold Rainy Spring; Putin Also Eyed in Probe

By Cecily Bapp

Published June 11th, 2017

ALBANY — Spring 2017 has been one of the coolest and rainiest on record, and lawmakers at the Capitol believe it’s no accident.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tapped Sen. Charles Schumer to spearhead an in-depth investigation into President Trump’s role in the inclement weather, and rumors of impeachment are circling.

Gesticulating emphatically during a press conference announcing the inquiry, Schumer said:

“The increase in rain and the dramatically low temperatures this spring have direct ties to budget cuts the Trump administration has tried to ram down the throats of the citizens of New York.” 

Peering over his spectacles at his approving audience, the senator from New York added, “We will resist.”

“We will resist and we will triumph against hate — the kind of hate that would leave upstate New York out in the rain.”

In a press release sent just prior to Schumer’s fiery oration, the Democrat claimed the Republican president colluded with Russian officials to delay spring in upstate, doing so to bolster acceptance of his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

Schumer also alleged that Trump — “acting like the megalomaniac he is” — conceived of his plan to delay summer while golfing and sunning at his exclusive Palm Beach estate Mar-a-Lago.

Sean Spicer, Trump’s beleaguered yet plucky press secretary, refused to comment on the rumors, dismissing them as “absolute malarkey” and “the usual bullshit.”

Meanwhile, in typical Trump fashion, the president took to his Twitter feed to address the rumors regarding his ability to manipulate the weather, Tweeting: “#evenIcantbuyrain … #getoveryourselfSchumer … and #IcarriedUpstateNY!”