Fred Furnace

Fred joined the The Albany Smudge in November 2014, coming to the Capital Region’s make-believe news leader after a lengthy and distinguished career in fake journalism.

Furnace has written for a variety of fake newspapers over a 20-year span, including the Chicago Smudge Times, the Cleveland Smudge Dealer, and the Pittsburgh Smudge-Gazette.

In his spare time, Furnace enjoys drinking coffee and spending time with his 11 sons, all of who are named “Fred Furnace.”


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Malta Mom ‘Just Says No’ to Taking Home Kid’s Artwork

By Fred Furnace

Published June 11th, 2017

MALTA — Marie D’Grumpio has apparently seen enough of her child’s artwork, and is refusing to take home any more of the kindergartener’s drawings, pictures, or other arts and crafts now that the school year is winding down.

“It seems like Sophia comes home every week with a backpack full of the crap she drew in school,” said the Malta single mom. “Where am I supposed to put it all for Christ’s sake?”

D’Grumpio said she “lost it a little” when she and the other kindergarten parents received an email from the school last week stating all remaining art work and classroom projects would be sent home with the children during the last week of the year.

“I was like, ‘No fucking way is that school going to pawn more of this crap off on me,’” D’Grumpio said. “So I emailed back and said, ‘No thanks. If you like the art work so much, why don’t you take it home and keep it.’ I certainly don’t want it.”

The response came as a surprise to Sophia’s kindergarten teacher, Mellissa McGrassenhoffer.

“I really expected the parents to be excited about sharing in the children’s wonderful artwork from the past year,” McGrassenhoffer said. “The children have put in so much effort, and I couldn’t be prouder of how much they have learned and grown.

“But I guess little Sophia’s mom is a total bitch. I’ve asked both my church and book club to keep her family in their prayers.”

  D’Grumpio, however, was unapologetic.

“Look, I’ve wallpapered my kitchen and family room with Sophia’s art work,” she said. “And Sophia cries whenever I try to throw any of it in the trash. But I’ve run out of room, for goodness sake.

“I’ve become a prisoner in my own home,” D’Grumpio added. “The only way to stop this madness is to not let any more of her artwork in to the house.”